Birthday without Boy

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Before today is ended, let me share a story on my special day. Yes, it's my birthday, I'm officially 26 now! What should I wonder on my birthday? Surprise? Oh, come on, Thella, you're getting old! But I couldn't lie to myself that I was missing my old moment. 

This date, a year ago, I was sitting in class, nothing special until my lecturer finished. When I walked out from class, one by one my friends greeted me, I was shy cause I never think this would happen in this kind of individual country. I mean, everyone respects their own business so maybe there's no enough time to mind others, if only they are close. But, it was not only the greetings! Before I left my building, my girls - Lesedi, Lizzy, Dorothea, Sumi, Maika (minus Megan) gave me a birthday card signed by them, flower, chocolate, a cute bear wearing my University's tee and warm hugs. They also invited me to celebrate my birthday at Sumi's flat, and they prepared all the foodies and drinks. I was beyond happy, even couldn't express my feeling at that time! I was so blessed for having my girls.

Then you know why I missed them much. We're that close even we're not taking the same programme.  I wish they were here but unfortunately not. I assumed that I would spend my birthday as same as my usual Friday. Well, I got the earlier phone calls from my lovely ones in Indonesia, also many greetings from my friends but I was (still) hoping something sweet. Until I got a mail from a stranger at 09.17 am, who confessed that he is a member of the separatist group. I was not that quick to believe, but I was terrified when reading his email mentioned my surname, which I never used in every official document.

"Dear Mrs Sirait...we would like to congratulate for your 26th birthday and confess our intention to recruit you to join our army. Let's make a better world through our underground organisation."

He also added the Arabic version of his email and...there was an attachment! What would you do if you are me? I was in a dilemma, too curious indeed afraid to open the video. I almost took this blackmail seriously and wanted to forward it to my university. But I didn't until someone contacted me through Whatsapp asking 'Udh baca email hari ini blm kak?' I am not a suspicious person, so I told him what I got. He suggested me to open the attachment, but I rejected his idea because I was scared! He kept telling me to do so till I won my curiosity above my fear. In the beginning, I saw two men wearing all black, I was quite worried, so I put my phone away from my face. After that, I heard them saying something in my language, and I felt familiar with the voice. I was trying to recognise their face, and I got them! I couldn't stop laughing watching their ditsy disguise. I was wrong thinking that my birthday couldn't be special. I know this was not sweet, but as my very first time got a birthday prank in my life, it perked me up! I impulsively sent a voice note to them, expressing my laughter no matter how bad it sounds.

It didn't over yet. I got another mail at 21.13 titled 'Need Your Help!' from a stranger. He told that we met in APEC last year, which I literally attended. But now I felt dodgy whereas the similar pattern to the first mail. I kept open it and watched another goofy playacting! Jeez, how can I stop laughing? These four men, who lived under the same roof, are really nuts! Indeed, they made my day unusual. Even while I was writing this blog, I still could't hide my fluky smile on my face!

I was so blessed for having Roman Boys - a cherished calling for five guys living at Roman Way who always made me alive whenever I met them. So, I decided to make a story of them on my special day. Thank you Daniel, Rendy, Pandhe, Paksi and Kent for being my A1-persons here.

Guilelessly yours,

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