A Little Personal Message

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I'm trying not to pretend, it won't happen again & again like that
You say the word but boy it don't feel right
You say you've changed but you know don't fool me
Love has changing, rearranging, & I can't take anymore
Our happiness has been switched into whatever

You turn my life blue, I'm not the same
You did a little too wrong so let me on down
I didn't want it this way, I only wanted our love goes right
But the wall burned up and I don't have enough strength to face
I'm gonna say this now, your chance has come and gone

All the things I gave you, changed you, met you, now forget you
It doesn't matter anyway, don't want it anymore
Now my eyes are drying, no more crying
In letting you go, I'm loving my self then trying to move on
Better if I take this alone and you go find someone else

PS: Dilihat dari waktu publikasinya, April 2012, sepertinya tulisan ini kepeleset sebagai curahan hati ketika penulis baru saja gagal berdamai dengan cinta dan di saat yang sama sedang berjuang menghadapi Sidang Akhir Skripsi. Beruntungnya penulis berhasil melewati fase tergalau itu dan akhirnya tetap maju menjalani rintangan hidup berikutnya. ;)
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